Below are few FAQs that will help you understand our services better..

Which product categories we are catering??

As of now we are catering to clients from various industries like Fashion, Apparel, Mobile accessories, Electronics, Sports, Artificial Jewelry, Home décor, Appliances, Digital products, Foot Wear and more.

Who will handle any sales query?

We have dedicated customer service team to handle all pre and post sales queries.

Do I need to handle dispatch of my products?

No, you need not to handle the dispatch. We provide all the E-commerce services under one roof right from stocking your products in our warehouse to shipping your products with the proper product packaging and handling COD and returns.

Who bears the loss for damaged goods?

We bear the loss for damaged good only once your goods reaches our warehouse, we will send you confirmation report on goods sent to our warehouse, Also in case of shipping if goods gets damaged in between till it reaches to customer’s place we will bear the loss.